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Welcome to online storefront "Soviet military uniform — navy, officer, general, navy. Russian army uniforms of WWII"

We leave the store until the first of September. Orders are accepted for processing from 1 September
In our internet-shop «Soviet-military-form» You can find a big assortment of military uniform accessories and souvenirs of Soviet Army and Soviet Navy also itmes from army of Russia and Ukraine.

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Field summer Afghanka hat of Soviet Army soldier

Afghanka hat. Soviet afghanistan summer cap — afghanka. Field summer hat afghanka of Soviet Army soldier

Product code (SKU):  2335
Shipping by Airmail:  $7.00
Cap Size:

Afghanka hat is the name of a type of field uniform developed and issued by the Soviet Army in the early 1980s. There are both winter and summer versions of Afghanka hat. The summer Afghanka comes in three parts: jacket, trousers and a field cap. 

Such summer hat intended for soldiers of the Soviet Army to wear in areas with hot climates Afghanistan, Middle Asia and Caucasus.

Material — 100% cotton.

Field summer afghanka hat of Soviet Army soldier.

Important information!
If you order several items — total price of delivering can be considerable smaller than delivering goods separetely.
If You wont to bay ware on the individual size you need to specify the time of delivery in addition. Usually it is 10 or 20 days.

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